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Energy Healing

Energy healing focuses on the life force that flows through all of us; that force that dictates our mood, health, energy, and ability to connect with other beings. In Chinese and Japanese culture that force is referred to as ki or qi (pronounced: chi). In India, it is known as prana, the energy that spins and flows through the chakras.  An intangible force that cannot be comprehended in the materialist sense and yet maintaining the energy flow is essential to our wellbeing.

Although the perspective of western science and medicine often labels energy healing as pseudoscientific, the perception is starting to change as scientists and academics begin to understand the principles behind the techniques and benefits that have been known to eastern cultures for centuries.

The learnings and breakthroughs in quantum physics have brought the understanding of the pervasiveness of energy to the forefront of western thought. Not only do our bodies consist of and run on energy in every aspect of their function, but there is an omnipresent field of energy throughout the universe that is now being studied via quantum field theory. This universal energy known to eastern cultures and the newly discovered quantum field are talking about the same thing, disagreeing simply over semantics.

Influencing this flow of energy by implementing physical and mental awareness and intention, can bring about profound and replicable results. Through meditation, physical touch, and exercise our energy bodies can be altered to provide higher states of health, consciousness and, you guessed it, energy. These energy healing techniques can help you find an approach that is right for you and lead you on a path to healing and sustained health, either as a primary or supplemental modality.

This kind of energy therapy works on all levels of the human system; Mind, Body, and Soul.  There are many forms of Energy Healing with Reiki being the one most commonly referred to.

Whilst I am a Reiki Master Teacher (both Usui and Karuna) and a Rahanni Practitioner, my passion is for Aquarian Atlantean Shamanic Healing Paddles.

Aquarian Atlantean Shamanic Healing

Atlantean Paddles

The Atlantean Healing Paddles were channelled 1984-1986 through Frank Alper and are briefly described in his book Exploring Atlantis.

He said the these Paddles had already been used by the ancient Atlantean and again now, with the onset of the magnetic Age of Aquarius, gain great importance for holistic well-being and spiritual growth.

The Paddles combine magnetic energies with colour vibrations focussed through Universal symbols/triangles and are used in many different ways on the body and energetic field.  They serve to balance many conditions with their geometric form and colour and work on the Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual bringing them into alignment.

For example, the Rose Paddle can be used for  nervousness, stress and tension (mental & emotional), is helpful in the release of judgment and unfavourable energies and promotes the acceptance of the love vibration.

If you are aware of your Worldly & Spiritual challenges as a result of your Soul Plan Reading, then there are paddles to help with these and if your Chakras are out of alignment, again the Paddles can bring these into alignment.

There are various ways of using the Paddles:

  • as a Soul Transformation Therapy intervention
  • working with specific Chakra imbalances
  • Meridian Balance
  • Trauma Release
  • Odic Bonding
  • Digestion issues
  • Harmonising the body energies
  • Supporting SpiritualLife Coaching sessions
  • Divine Mother & Goddess activation (my personal favourite)

Many Clients report a real sense of being held and nurtured and a deep sense of calm and peace which last for quite some while post session.  Do get in touch to arrange you Atlantean Paddle experience.

“I found the healing itself very powerful but at the same time felt as if I was cossetted in this warm gentle feminine love all around me. Quite a wonderful experience and so uplifting”. Sue
“Paddle healing is a fantastic experience, if you feel like you need a system reboot then this is wonderful. Bev is brilliant and makes you at ease very quickly, she makes me feel very comfortable and happy to express myself.
The session makes you feel much lighter than you went in and you feel like you’ve been reconnected with yourself and the universe. I throughly recommend this”

I have just received the most amazing Atlantean Paddle Energy Therapy with Beverley. I found it very relaxing and empowering and gained some incredible insights which I can work on in the coming weeks. Beverley is both very professional and supportive and puts one at ease from the moment you arrive. The Atlantean energies are gentle and restorative and I can thoroughly recommend a treatment with Beverley.


I had the most beautiful Atlantean Paddle Energy Healing with Beverley this week. The healing was relaxing and I experienced some interesting feelings and visions. I left with a deep feeling of peace in my heart. Beverley was so welcoming and informative about the healing and put me at ease straight away. I would highly recommend !Jennifer



  • Option 1: Full 1 hour session £60
  • Option 1: Divine Mother/Self Love Treatment up to 45 minutes £45.

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