CIT - Conscious Integration Technique







This is a stand alone technique used by Psychotherapists and Counsellors to facilitate: Relationship Healing and Spiritual Development.

This technique integrates and is influenced by the insights of Buddhist equanimity meditation, the early work of Byron Katie, the Sedona method, the Ravenscroft approach, Carl Yung and other Psycho Spiritual philosophy.

Working with the mental and emotional bodies

Very often, a Client’s quality of life is affected mainly by their own thoughts and attitudes – they are prisoners of their own minds. This can of course have a knock on effect on their physical health too.

This technique is more suitable for those who are willing to be very honest, face themselves and really want to grow. It isn’t always an easy process to go through but it’s results are deeply felt and can be very effective.


The five steps to better relations, healing and greater awareness are:

  1. Looking at the issue/blockage in detail; the process, the symptoms, the feelings.
  2. Locate and rate the feelings (where do you feel it and how intense?)
  3. Dissolve through intervention (the direct healing process)
  4. Integrate (complete the healing with forgiveness and acceptance)
  5. Future Pace (make sure it won’t affect you in the future)

Any or all of these interventions are used until the blockage is released.  Some deeply held blockages may require more than one session.

Soul Connections – Monthly Meditation Group

Hi Beverley, I’ve been meaning to say how much I enjoyed Wednesday’s meditation group. I’ve also had a chance to work through some emotional stuff that came up when we looked in the mirror during the 2nd meditation so thank you as it’s really helped me.

I love that we do such a variety of meditations and I feel so peaceful at the end of the evening. Please book me in for next month’s session, thank you


Introduction to Meditation Course

Thank you for a great 5 weeks.  I will miss my Tuesday night meditations. It has been amazing; I look forward to the classes each week. It has been lovely to see all the different types of music that can take you on a journey too.

I signed up to the course to learn more about meditation and how to enjoy meditating. … I am now much more relaxed and enjoy my downtime; the course has really helped me to zone out. It has been informative, interesting, fun and really enjoyable. Thank you.