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Stressed Less Living

This is a 6 week course to Find Calm in a Frantic World. We start by exploring Stress and Anxiety and understanding the mind and body response to it before looking at the sources and triggers of Stress and how to balance these using a variety of tools including Meditation and Mindfulness.

We all experience Stress in our lives; whether that is at home or in the workplace; by exploring the expectations that you plea on yourself (or the perceived expectations of others) you can learn to Observe rather than Absorb the emotions that lead to anxiety and stress.

Process of Growth

There is a process we all go through as we develop and grow and ‘peel the layers of the onion’ that we are to reveal the true essence of ourselves.

This 6-week course explores the process of growth, using meditation as a tool. You will be able to identify where you are in the process for any given issue or situation with the next steps outlined. These are valuable tools for moving forward in either your personal and/or your spiritual development; identifying the blockages and the process to free yourself to move forward.


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Beverley Gearey

Meditation, Mindfulness & Relaxation Teacher, Reiki Master/Teacher, Soul Plan Practitioner/Teacher, Chakra Instructor Soul Coaching ®

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