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Meditation is widely known to have proven benefits these days.  The down side of this is that the whole ‘sit on a mountain and om’ image puts people off giving meditation a try.  Maybe you have tried and not been able to turn off your monkey mind.  Maybe you have been put off by not getting the journey of the visions that someone is trying to take you on.

As with a lot of things, Meditation requires practice.  Much as you couldn’t run marathon if you didn’t train for it, the same goes for Meditation.  However, mastering your own personal meditation technique, is a wonderful platform for huge improvements in your life; whether that is spiritual development or reducing stress and anxiety or anything in between.

Scroll down for the Benefits of Meditation and some information about Mindfulness too.

Benefits of Regular Meditation

On a physical level, Meditation brings about changes at a cellular level. Regular meditation practice can:

Makes you Healthier

helps to lower high blood pressure and reduces cholesterol levels

Decrease any tension-related pain

tension headaches, muscle and joint problems can be lessened

Increase serotonin production

improving mood and behaviour

Boost the immune system

enhance energy levels and feeling of well-being

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On a Spiritual level, Meditation brings about a deeper understanding of ourselves; our inner Truth and our spiritual path. Regular Meditation can:

Improve your understanding

Aid and strengthen intuitive ability

Be part of a larger sense of reality

Support an inner sense of ‘knowing’

Instills a deeper sense of joy

Help experience a sense of ‘oneness’

Bring about true personal transformation

as you learn more about yourself.

On a Mental & Emotional level, Meditation brings the brainwave pattern into an Alpha state. The mind becomes fresh, alive and alert and yet restful. Regular Meditation can:

Make you Happier

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Enhance relationships

Improve emotional stability

Improve attention span

Increase creativity and awareness

Help with decision making

Gain clarity and peace of mind

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Mindfulness: Being in the Present

Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing your awareness on the present moment, whilst calmly acknowledging and accepting your feelings, your thoughts, and your bodily sensations.

With so many demands on our time, emotions and energy it is easy to lose an awareness of the present and to fail to notice what is good and conversely what is troubling us.

Mindfulness is ‘Moment to moment, non-judgmental awareness, cultivated by paying attention‘ Jon Kabat Zinn

If you have ever tried to focus your thoughts you will know how hard it can be. Trying to really listen to your mind and to your body without the day to day distractions, which keep tumbling in demanding our attention, can seem impossible.

Through learning tried and trusted techniques we can begin to find that focus and with it an inner peace and tranquility. Learning to be fully present in our lives and in our work work does not mean that all of our problems will miraculously disappear, but it can help us to respond in a more positive, calmer and ultimately more productive way to them.

Many people consider Mediation and Mindfulness as interchangeable and in some ways they are; they both use the Mind, Body, Emotions connection. With Meditation we are moving away from our thoughts to a peaceful calm place. With Mindfulness we are observing our thoughts and learning not to absorb them; we get to see what our mind is up to and learn to watch our thoughts and let them go without getting caught up in them and being driven by them. Mindfulness helps us to step out of auto-pilot mode; with that we step away from conditioned thought patterns and responses and start to respond to life, its challenges and celebrations, in a different, calmer way and without getting caught up in the ‘angst’ of it all.

Mindfulness Exercises

Below are some of the areas that can be used to promote mindfulness:

Body Sensations and Emotions
Physical Discomfort
Difficult/Painful Thoughts

If you would like some guidance on the practical application of Mindfulness in everyday life please do get in touch.

“The past is history, so let it go. The future is a mystery, so let it come. The present is a gift – be truly in the present today and release all your fears (based on the past) and your worries (imagined futures) – this is the work of someone who truly wants to awaken, and break free from the anchors and burdens of dead yesterdays and speculative tomorrows. Be here now they say, easier said than done, I hear you say. But no one can stop us, except for ourselves. There is only now – everything else is avoidance.”

Thought for Today

“Mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening right now without wishing it were different; enjoying the pleasant without holding on when it changes (which it will) – being with the unpleasant without fearing it will always be this way (which it won’t)”

James Baraz

“No matter how much pressure you feel at work, if you could find ways to relax for at least five minutes every hour, you’d be more productive”

Dr Joyce Brothers

Benefits of Mindfulness

Improved Mental Health

helping people to accept their experiences.

Increased Well-being

making it easier to enjoy the pleasures in life as they occur.

Improved Physical Health

lowering blood pressure through a calmer response to life’s challenges

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Soul Connections – Monthly Meditation Group

Hi Beverley, I’ve been meaning to say how much I enjoyed Wednesday’s meditation group. I’ve also had a chance to work through some emotional stuff that came up when we looked in the mirror during the 2nd meditation so thank you as it’s really helped me.

I love that we do such a variety of meditations and I feel so peaceful at the end of the evening. Please book me in for next month’s session, thank you


Introduction to Meditation Course

Thank you for a great 5 weeks.  I will miss my Tuesday night meditations. It has been amazing; I look forward to the classes each week. It has been lovely to see all the different types of music that can take you on a journey too.

I signed up to the course to learn more about meditation and how to enjoy meditating. … I am now much more relaxed and enjoy my downtime; the course has really helped me to zone out. It has been informative, interesting, fun and really enjoyable. Thank you.