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The Beginning of a New Life

The birth of a new baby is a time of joy and celebration, and most parents want to share that joy with family and friends.

A baby naming ceremony offers a beautiful alternative to a religious christening, giving you a chance to openly welcome your child and affirm your love and commitment to them surrounded by a loving circle of family and friends.

Many people choose to hold the ceremony in their own home or garden, whilst others will hire a hall, hotel or choose a much more unusual location. The ceremony is designed to reflect your needs and wishes and as such each one is unique and individually written for you personally. There is no set pattern or script which must be followed. You are entirely free to choose vows, promises, readings, poems or music which you may like to include in the ceremony.

The possibilities are endless and I would be happy to discuss your own ideas and requirements with you.

Although a naming ceremony is often for babies, it can also be arranged for older children, those joining a family through adoption or the joining of two families or indeed any adult.

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