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The Chakra Fitness Programme

The Chakra Fitness Program explores the Chakra System, in depth, at three levels; this energy system is key to physical, emotional and spiritual balance. It is an evolutionary journey and at each level your understanding will deepen as you connect with each of the Chakras in turn.

This program has been developed from many years experience of working with the Chakras and seeing first hand, how beneficial harmony and balance is.  As well as their impact upon physical wellbeing and behaviours these energy centres respond to both our earthly and spiritual connections; as you your awareness increases so will your energetic vibration.

“ I really enjoyed the Course; I found the weekly workshops truly inspiring and full of positive energy” Jeannie

The journey wont necessarily be an easy one, but I am sure you will find it both interesting and beneficial with lots of ‘tools for life’, to take away with you.

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Chakra Fitness Level One

The Power of the Chakras

Explore each of the main chakras in detail; looking at their location and connections on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Each week will include a relevant meditation to aid connection and balancing of the Chakra being studied. At the end of the course you will have a good understanding of each of the  main chakras and their emotional, physical, mental and spiritual impacts.

Chakra Fitness Level Two

A Deeper Awareness

Following on from Level 1, this is an advanced study of the main chakras which includes the influence of colour, sound, aromatherapy, crystals and exercises to balance them. This course could be likened to ‘first aid for the Chakras’; you will build a toolkit to help you work on the Chakras at home; connecting to them on a deep level.

Chakra Fitness Level Three

Onwards and Upwards – Accessing Higher Vibrations

This course is for those that have completed Fitness Levels 1 & 2, and who want to increase your knowledge and connection to Spirit and Soul Awareness through the transpersonal chakras. As well as an understanding of each of the higher chakras, their meaning, influence and healing/balancing requirements we will take a meditative journey each week to access higher vibrations.

The course was just right for me; perfectly pitched with lots of different activities … and the Manual is very informative.

I have noticed many positive changes in the way that I am thinking about things; I am looking at experiences in a different way – I feel different but can’t exactly pinpoint how!

You are a very calm and generous trainer Beverley and your hospitality is excellent.


I wanted to have a proper understanding of the Chakra; my knowledge of the Chakras is now clearer.

With the Course, and your guidance, I now have more ‘acceptance’ of the past and I am in a good state emotionally and spiritually.

Thank you for a brilliant and inspiring course.


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