Soul Plan Readings – Life Purpose Analysis

If you could find out why you’re here and what you’re here for – what your purpose is in life – would you leap at the chance, or run from the responsibility of knowing such a truth?

A Soul Plan Reading helps you to understand your life, clear limiting beliefs and achieve your full potential. It is a powerful and accurate system of life purpose guidance and healing; a Soul Plan Reading will reveal your unique gifts and talents as well as move you into a deeper alignment with your soul’s true vocation. It will also give you tremendous insight into some of the difficulties you may be facing or have faced in your life.

A Soul Plan is a channelled system of soul direction analysis. It works on the unique sound vibration of your birth name and it is this vibration that interacts with that of the Universe to bring forth people, opportunities and situations to enable you to fulfil your Soul’s Plan.

A Soul Plan Reading is an interpretation of your potential experiences for this lifetime and includes:

  • An explanation of the challenges you are or have been facing
  • An explanation of the talents /attributes latent or manifest within you
  • An explanation of your deepest goals in the everyday and spiritual sense
  • An explanation of your overall Soul Purpose

Your Soul Plan is like a map and compass guiding you in the direction of true fulfilment.

I look forward to making the journey with you.


The benefits of a Soul Plan reading:

a greater and clearer sense of life purpose

a context for understanding why you have experienced the life you have thus far

access to yourself on a deeper level, a soul level

an acceleration of growth and healing

a deeper sense of understanding about your life experience so far

more clarity about life and your role in it

a healing and clearing of redundant patterns

a deep activation of your own unique abilities and potential

soul plan woman meditating

“Wow. What an experience..
I have had the pleasure of a Soul Plan Reading from Beverley and the timing couldn’t have been better. It was not only incredibly accurate, resonating with my past and current position, but also gave me clarity and optimism in my path ahead.
The soul plan approach made sense, and combined with Beverley’s incredible sensitivity and warmth, left me feeling fulfilled and inspired. I fully recommend you explore this if you are interested; it blew me away! Thank you.”


“I was given a gift voucher for a Soul Plan Reading with Beverley from a dear friend….what a lovely gift! I was warmly welcomed into Beverley’s home and immediately made to feel at ease and relaxed. As my reading progressed it became obvious that a great deal of work had been put into creating this reading for me, which I found fascinating.


The reading was akin to looking in a mirror which Beverley gradually cleaned and polished so I could see myself more clearly and acknowledge who I truly am and what I am capable of. I left feeling rather upbeat with the knowledge that although being past retiring age there is still much to learn and achieve on this journey called life. Thank you Beverley.”


Soul Plan Reading Details

The empowerment and clarity provided at a deep level from a Soul Plan Reading is transformational and healing in itself.

Investment in Self: £75 for Reading/ Recording & Report – please allow up to 90 minutes for your appointment and at least 1 week’s notice required to allow for preparation of your reading.


Start Your Journey

““There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled. There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled. You feel it, don’t you?”


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