Soul Transformation Therapy – STT

SOUL TRANSFORMATION THERAPY™ (Core Issue Healing) is proving to be invaluable for all those looking for a way of identifying and transforming current Life Purpose blockages.

Transformation Therapy  is a new and complete therapy system. Already popular with coaches, doctors and therapists in Japan it is now being introduced to the UK and I am proud to be one of the first trained Practitioners of this wonderful therapy system.

The last few years in Japan has seen many counsellors, therapists and even doctors offering a new modality which combines ancient and modern healing methods into an elegant new form of therapy.  The aim of this work is to clear stuck patterns, emotional and life purposes blockages and other challenges in order to unify and blend the personality with the Soul.

The modality now known as Soul Transformation Therapy in the UK uses a Soul Plan Archetype Tarot deck to diagnose firstly the polarity (we are all affected by polarity challenges such as slavery/mastery, war/peace, wealth/poverty etc.) and then the specific challenge issue which is blocking a person from more fully connecting with their purpose and Soul Plan potential at any time.

Soul Transformation Therapy then provides up to seven healing interventions to clear blockages that include Soul Retrieval, Soul Plan Trauma, Energy psychology / dynamic energy healing methods and Soul Plan Archetype work.

Although aligned with Soul Plan work it can be used independently and is very effective at identifying and then shifting blockages on a deep level.


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This healing method uses Tarot style ‘ Polarity’ cards to determine your deeper current ‘core issue’ – this is the root cause of whatever challenge or block to potential you are currently experiencing. Once the ‘core issue’ and story behind your block has been determined there are several key healing interventions to clear the (separation) pattern.

For example, Soul Trauma release (a totally unique and gentle yet powerful energy psychology technique for releasing stuck emotion) and also the Soul Transformation Therapy ‘tree of life Soul Retrieval’ method (very effective for people who feel ‘less of themselves’ or a part of them is missing which can block progress as we get older).

Using therapeutic experience and soul connection, this system neatly condenses the key aspects of many of the new and old therapies available today into one neat, elegant and effective package for modern therapists or self healing. It is proving to be a key energetic practise for aligning our intent, purpose and essential light which when balanced helps us to move forward with our purpose in life.

Fee: £50 per 1 hours session



Being Spiritual will mean different things to different people but a simple explanation might be ‘something that touches your Soul and connects you to the god of your understanding’. Often simple experiences such as connecting with nature as you walk through the woods, walk along a beautiful beach, or when you see the sun set.


looking into something; asking for information and asking questions.


a few people who interact with one another, share similar characteristics, and collectively have a sense of unity


the process of comprehending or the knowledge of a specific thing or practice;showing comprehension of a subject, or compassion or sympathy for another person.


the action of exploring an unfamiliar area or going deeper into a familiar topic

Beverley – you speak from the heart and are so in tune with people. I love being in this beautiful place.


Beverley you are such a lovely soul. Thank you for being you – helping me to grow, let go and be who I am. Enjoyed every minute.


“Spiritual development is a journey in maturity of an individual’s identity from spiritual infancy to spiritual adulthood.

In this process, the secular mind decreases as the sacred increases through a series of disciplines.”

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