Spiritual Life Coaching

Do you feel stuck or directionless? Too many options or not enough? Diversions and Distractions taking over?

Sometimes a workshop, course or working in a Group just isn’t what you need; what you are seeking is something more tailored to you; to help I offer 121 Spiritual Life Coaching. During our time together we can explore where you are heading, what is holding you back and what you might do to move forward.

Drawing on many years of experience, in life, the workplace, the family and the spiritual path, I can help you to clarify your thoughts, unpack your purpose and move forward with joy and intention.

Investment in Self: £50 per session – 60 minutes (3 sessions recommended as a minimum)

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“Beverley is kind and compassionate and has a very down to earth approach to spirituality. Her clear thinking and communication skills ensure that you are able to absorb new ideas and ways of thinking about your life’s purpose. Beverley helps with the process of Enlightenment in a way that makes you think…well that’s so obvious why didn’t I think like that before! Individuality is accepted and indeed encouraged by Beverley…Indeed Beverley can help you find your real self and who you really are!”



“This experience has been highly beneficial to me as it has helped me to better understand myself and the way that I work. I have felt constructively challenged to question my thinking and perceptions with some key tools to help me in the future. I feel more confident about my abilities …”


“The coaching sessions gave me the opportunity to take time out, to take a step back … It allowed me time to concentrate on myself. I was surprised at the outcomes … I have renewed energy, looking at what I do and how I do it with a fresh perspective. The coaching also raised some personal issues and challenges that I have had to work through and some I’ve committed to tackle.”


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